Sunday, January 30, 2011


In the last month, I have used Craigslist to sell my blender, mixer, crockpot, coffeemaker, microwave, vacuum, kettle, shelves, folding chairs, pots, pans, and bed.

Watching my bed go seemed to be the hardest, and I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping on the floor for a week.

Let me first say that I have NO REASON to whine about this—since I sold the bed Thursday I’ve had numerous offers of couches to crash on as well as sleeping bags and camping mats to borrow.

Three nights on the floor and I feel fine! I have a borrowed camping mat and a ton of blankies and pillows. It’s cozy.


What hurts is the lack of coffee-making tools. Coffeemaker went first, but I could always boil hot water and strain it. Kettle went last weekend, and Friday I gave up my pots and pans.

This morning I used the shared kitchen’s microwave to heat up water, and tried to brew in a different mug.


I really do feel like I’m camping. It’s an adventure!


  1. I find it pretty admirable what you're doing and everything you're going through for a dream and for love!

  2. Aww shucks, thanks, friend! I feel like a not-so-admirable vagrant at the moment, but I know it's worth it.

    Umm, can you teach me about Blogger? Do I have a Friends List like LJ? Why can't technology be the same as it was in 2003?!? Gah.

  3. Of course! You can follow people on blogger. It's not a friends page which really sucks. Blogs you follow will appear on the bottom of when you're logged in. It shows you a little bit of the post and you can choose to click to and read the rest of it.

    I like livejournal much better community-wise, but you can hack blogger to make your blog more search engine friendly and make it more professional looking.