Sunday, January 30, 2011

St. Vinny’s Fashion Show

I did a silly thing. I went home to New Jersey for two weeks during the holiday season, and brought two suitcases with me. Mostly I’d packed Christmas gifties for friends and fam, and a few things to keep in Epp House storage.

When it was time to return to the Midwest, I only really filled up one piece of luggage. So I left one behind and gloated about not having to pay the $25 bag check fee.

Now that I’m leaving Mad Town, I realize I want to bring two suitcases with me to NJ and eventually Die Republik Südafrika. OOPS.


It’s a sunny and above-freezing day on this isthmus, so I took the bus to the St. Vincent de Paul on Willy Street. On the way, I noticed that my bus pass will expire on the day I land in Cape Town. I guess I’m not getting the most out of this 31-day pass, but my weekday commute for work still makes it worth it.

I found an amazing suitcase for $7!


It had cool luggage tags, too.


Looks like this suitcase started out at Sandefjord Airport, Torp, in Norway, then went onto Narita International Airport in Japan, and ended up at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. No word on how it got to Wisconsin. That is my kind of traveling companion!

Well, once inside St. Vinny’s, I realized I had just a few other needs…


Walking shoes are a MUST. PJ and I are both prone to ridiculously long walks, for fun and out of necessity. These are Table-Mountain-climbing shoes.

And I made a vow last night to throw out my stanky old stuff. My current walking shoes have served me well; I got them as a gift when I was living in Ripon, and they were my prairie-hiking shoes. They’ve also been summer camping shoes, city walk shoes, and nanny shoes. But they’re decaying now:




Time to let go. (Way past time to let go.)

I was sorely tempted in the shoe department, because in a week in a half I’ll be in flats season. So I indulged:


Funky moccasins. Need.


Walker-friendly flats. Perfect.

And finally, I grudgingly paid a few dollars for winter gear. I was in Chicago on January 8 and 9, knowing I had t-minus one month till Cape Town. And… I lost a glove somewhere in Lakeview/Wrigleyfield.

I had to replace it; I couldn’t survive a month of bus shelter waits with exposed fingers. Have you felt a –9 morning lately?

Sometime this week I lost my black fleece headband (my preference for fully covering earns while not interfering with hairstyles.)

Anywho, replaced that today for $2. I just don’t want red, numb ears for a solid week—even if it is only a week.


Worth every penny.

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