Monday, February 21, 2011

Day-O-Fun and Weekend-O-Work

This past Friday PJ had to be on campus, but I have no Friday class—so I could have a Day Of Fun!

We traveled together to the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, but I got off in Observatory, a funky, pretty college-y town where I lived the first time I studied here.

Ahh, Obz. My first stop was a new thrift store (well, it wasn’t there two years ago when I last visited). Went through the racks of brand-name used stuff, and also dove into the piles of clothes against one wall. Picked up three shirts, none of which had prices listed.

The owners of the store were cool; one guy went to LA to study fashion, and we talked about the higher quality of European clothes. He told me that this is why the thrift prices might be higher than I’m used to in the States. I still haggled with him, and got all three pieces for R 50, or $7 USD. Huzzah!

Next stop, Obz Café for a long lunch and some reading. Also visited an Internet Café, then wandered around a bit. Obz Books, a used and for-trade book shop, still has my heart.

Met up with Peej and was introduced to Reloaded, a nerdy file-sharing pub where everyone knows him. Sat outside while the sun set.

Then I slept for 12 hours straight. Needed that! Woke up at 8 a.m. on Saturday, and did homework and reading the entire day. Make that, entire weekend. Never left the house, but I’m all set for school work for the week!

A mango at dusk on Sunday, what a treat.

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  1. That mango is making me drool. I never eat Mangoes in the states because they just don't do it for me...I'll just have to wait. :) Enjoy, habibi!