Sunday, February 6, 2011

Parting Gifts

Ever since I learned I’d packed an extremely oversized suitcase, I’ve been forcing myself to give things away, recycle them, or put them in storage.


But I’ve been given some amazing goodbye gifts this month, and I will never give them up. I know some brilliant and creative people, and presents from them are especially important to me.

For example, this paradox:
Something to ponder on the plane…

A zine commemorating good times in a great city.

A mix CD and card with a hand-drawn map of the world, charting my trajectory.

Gorgey compact mirror from China.

But I suppose it would be a shame to have trouble getting on the plane to Cape Town because my bags are too heavy. I went though enough trouble to get THIS:

Ah well. My top priority right now is to enjoy the Epp Fam. And the band’s newest member/mascot:

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