Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Still Life

Woohoo weekend! My last class of the week was on Wednesday, so Thursday I stayed in the house all day and did all of my readings for Monday classes.

Yesterday/Friday, Peej and I were off to the Southern Suburbs again. I stayed in Rondebosch and goofed off with the free Internet in Kauai (Hawaiian-themed health food cafe) all day; PJ went up the mountain and turned in his Master's proposal!

Caught the train to Obz, and I visited A Touch of Madness for the first time in more than four years. It's a very beautiful old house turned into a restaurant, with some distincly Victorian gothic decor. There was an art show opening last night and free wine and cheese were offered, but PJ and I had to get home after a light din. Ughhh I wish I could just live on feta cheese and black olives!

Spent two hours kniting while listening to music last night--I know, wild weekend. But it was just what I needed, and I finally started using a skein of yarn I got as a Christmas gift!

Back in Observatory today for a lunch date with a classmate. Here are two pictures to explain how I feel about weekends:

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