Monday, March 14, 2011

Heading South

My weekend was very balanced, I think. I had no class Friday so I stayed at home, drank cup after cup of coffee (I can't even tell the difference between instant and filter anymore. My survival instincts are taking over), and read academic texts for 12 hours straight.

Saturday began a perfect weekend. Got to Observatory in the late afternoon, and planned to crash in the Southern Suburbs for the night. Checked into a backpackers, a.k.a. a hostel:

Outside the hostel in Obz.

Met up with friends, and took this shamefully weak picture at Cafe Ganesh:

Trust me, it's prettier than this inside!
A night out in a cool area was just what I needed. I can never resist grafitti:

Although the tagline makes me think of all the theories I've been studying. My brain is still in the classroom.

I've made a good friend at UCT, so I saw her and met her housemates this weekend. They live in an artsy house in Woodstock, and PJ and I were obsessed with the way the kitchen was decorated:

This is a wall!

And if there is one thing I need on a Sunday morning, it is a long, leisurely breakfast. This was our sunny window table at Mimi's cafe:

Then it was time to head back home, for a nap and a night of homework. And the week begins...


  1. love your pictures, Laur. Good eye, gorgeous girl. <3

  2. Aww shucks! I'm still having my mind blown by this DIGITAL camera. It's so easy compared to film!