Saturday, April 2, 2011

Give me a break, Fall Break!

There were no classes at UCT this week, but I was still on campus every day. Next week I have a group presentation Monday, a computer lab assignment due Tuesday, and another group presentation Wednesday. And in a week, I have a research proposal due!

So I don’t have any terribly fun updates from the week. I did finally see The King’s Speech, which I enjoyed. And I’ve taken breaks from the work with some creative outlets:

We celebrated Earth Hour this week, so I lit a candle, turned off all electricity… and took a nap:

I also finished two knitting projects. I started the first one in Madison in June. It’s… a pouch! Why a pouch? Why not!



I’m using it to store craft supplies and other odds and ends.

Also finished, a ruffle wrap. I saw a pattern in a book, and made up from from memory/necessity as I went along:


I went on a brief thrifting run as well. I was looking for a jacket that fares better in the rain, but I just walked out with something pretty:


I figured, with all the presentations I have coming up, I need a nice new look.

Also, I did a silly thing. During this onslaught of reading and writing for school, I took a peek into the Recreational Reading room of the UCT library. And checked out three novels.


I’m terribly spoiled—nothing in this stack belongs to me; this is a mix of UCT library materials, and PJ’s family’s collection.

What else can I tell you? It rained. A lot. I’ve actually raided PJ’s wardrobe for jackets. Peej says I look tougher, or like I’m from Bellville. He dressed me this day.


This is my “Please don’t bother me at a taxi rank” face. It’s also my “I was never very good at taking MySpace pics” face.

Annnnd. PJ found these seeds. I like them:


Whatever and ever amen.


  1. Are you sure those aren't alien spores that are about to unleash a galactic apocalypse? Cuz that's kinda what they look like.

  2. Oh no, I hadn't thought of that! I'll be vigilant to monitor if they start getting bigger, reproducing at an alarming rate, or try to hack into governement mainframes...