Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of kings and pawns

For the third weekend in a row, I was a slave to school work Friday through Sunday. The biggest project yet was due this week: a research proposal, outlining the project everyone in my class will complete, a series of interviews with marginalized youth. We will collect the stories of young people who did not complete high school and who are currently unemployed.

I’ve been furiously researching the social reality of schools in South Africa, as well as networks of formal and informal employment in developing nations, for the past week or so. Well, I took a few breaks to play a chess match, but we never even finished!

When the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king?

Also took an evening off to play a few hours of dominoes with a family that lives on Peej’s street (the matching/strategy way of playing dominoes, not the line-em-up-and-knock-em-down game). It was such a welcomed break!

As of yesterday, my research proposal is turned in! Silly me, I thought my social life would resume as soon as the work was done.

Yeah, no. I’m sick. Coughing, sneezing, aching, the whole deal. I am lucky to have PJ taking care of me—he makes sure I have plenty of snacks and tea. And cough syrup. And movies to watch.

I do appreciate that most over-the-counter cold meds in SAfrica seem to rely on green tea extract and other herbs or honey. I brought some Dayquil with me from the States, and I hate looking at the scary warning label that says if you exceed four doses in 24 hours, your liver will probably fail. So I’ve been reaching for the ginger tea instead of the pills.

Can you overdose on Echinacea? Hmm, don’t answer that.

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