Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday: Muizenberg

Peej and I continued our adventurous weekend--we were out of the house every day Thursday through Sunday--with a beach adventure. It started on a bright day in Bellville:

Photo by Peter-Jon Grove

Photo by Peter-Jon Grove

Our first stop was Woodstock, to meet up with PJ's friend/honorary auntie. Those two had a lot of catching up to do! Met up with my friend as well, and we hopped the train to the beacy town of Muizenberg:

Chilly but beautiful water. Also, shark-infested.

View from Muizenberg station.

SHARKS! Just kidding.

From there we made our way to the house of a friend of a friend, where we had a lovely sit in their front yard. Sun and deep conversation mix well!

Took a walk through town to drop Allison at the train station. LOOK AT THAT MOUNTAIN:

PJ and Allison in the wind.

PJ made it his mission to capture that sunlit bit of cloud. And he did it!

I'm also impressed Peej got the helicopter.

PJ's Postcard shot!

Note the sign--the oldest shop in Muizenberg.
 PJ built an impressive braai fire, and I warmed myself by it as the sun set. We stayed for a delicious dinner party with some amazing activists and all-around good people. Beautiful, beautiful Saturday!

Photo by Peter-Jon Grove

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