Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laura’s Version

What a week! Some interesting developments:

I had my last two classes of the semester. I find it incredibly hard to believe, but it’s true! Also, because an epic research project is still ongoing, I thought it would count as the final exam. I was wrong! I have two exams the first week in June. Time to make some study guides.

Also, municipal elections happened across South Africa this week (Wednesday, Election Day, was a public holiday), and the DA maintained control of Cape Town’s mayor slot.

PJ voted on Wednesday, and we watched the news constantly on Thursday as the results were counted. It’s still amazing to me that in the year PJ was born, people of colour did not have the right to vote in democratic elections. And now the country has a 17-year legacy of participatory democracy.

Yesterday morning I found out I had a poem published online! Hooray!

Last night Peej and I went to the Labia Theatre on Kloof Street to see Barney’s Version. (The only time I spend in Cape Town these days is at art house movie theatres… and that is OK with me.)


Kloof Street is a great little neighbourhood that reminds me of Downer Ave. in Milwaukee. I hadn’t set foot there this trip yet, and it’s been three and a half months since I returned to Kaapstad!

Table Mountain, seen while walking up Kloof.

We were supposed to meet up with a friend, but it didn’t work out. So we had a DATE.


We loved the movie! I’d expected a lot of dark humour, but it was a little more emotionally intense than I’d anticipated. But “Barney’s Version” was so much better than any indie flick I’ve seen recently.

Went out to dinner at Lola’s Café on Long Street, which used to be a bright red vegetarian restaurant. The building got a sleek new makeover right before the World Cup, and now it serves meat, too. But it was still delicious, as always.



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  1. Your poem was Zabardast!

    which means tres impressive and wonderful in Urdu :)