Thursday, May 26, 2011

"What are we doing here if romance isn't dead?"

I may not have mentioned this, but PJ has a famous grandfather. James Matthews is a poet, author and publisher, but I know him as Peej's Oupapa who enjoys hot chocolate and a good vampire movie.

This week he turned 82, and the Centre of the Book hosted a lunch to celebrate.

A branch of the National Library that supports community development through reading and writing? The Centre of the Book is my heaven.
It was a lot of fun to hear his work read by fellow poets, and to hear stories of mischief.

This picture of Peej, his brother and their cousins is one of my favorites of my time in SA so far:

Cousins about town.
 Then PJ and I headed to Obz for dinner at a friend's place. An amazingly decorated friend's place:

An original Allison creation.

This shade of blue is hypnotic! I just wish the night setting on my camera didn't make the shot so blurry:

And some great graffiti in Obz:

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  1. GAH so many things to love in this post.. LIbraries with meaning, graffiti, family.. photos.. and peej's superstar oupapa! <3 wow!