Saturday, May 28, 2011

The World-Traveling Eppingers

There was a week in April when the usually full and bustling Eppinger house in New Jersey was empty. Mom and Dad celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. Rachel, Timmy and George took Andrew to Cincinnati, Ohio for a tour of Xavier (where Drew will officially being in the fall!). And I was, as I currently am, in Cape Town.

Yesterday I was finally able to pick up a box from home, containing my winter clothes (here we go again with the whole winter thing) and some gifts from Mom and Dad.

Actually getting the box was a struggle—a week or so ago (a month after it was mailed) I tried to pick up the box, but I apparently owed nearly R 2,000 (more than $200 USD) in taxes. Apparently there are some heavy import tariffs when bringing clothing into South Africa.

I asked the post office to send the box back to SA Customs for re-evaluation, and hoped for the best.

Yesterday, unexpectedly, PJ picked the box up for me—the tariff had been brought down to R 30, or $4 and change in USD.

I was so excited to have my favourite knit sweaters back—they bring me comforting memories. I am a bit seasonally confused, though—I last wore this stuff in January, where it was bitter cold in the States. I came to South Africa during beach season. Now it’s Memorial Day Weekend back home, and chilly and wet here. And it’s May! Hmm.

Mom and Dad spoiled me (and PJ—he got a sweet t-shirt) with gifts:

Yummy coffee and macadamia nuts--only three out of six cans are posted. The others bit the dust already!

Lovely flower (leii?) for my hair, and a necklace.
Now I'm sort of tempted to put on all my sweaters AT ONCE and lay all day...

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  1. You are the prettiest of pretties.

    Andrews going to college?! Noooooooooo stop growing siblings... (so is Sehar!)