Friday, June 24, 2011

Loop Street

Long Street in Cape Town is a vibrant place—young people, bold boutiques, funky pubs, and some really great food.  I also get aggressively panhandled every time I walk down it, usually more than once per walk. (I don’t mind being asked for money. I do mind having my arm grabbed and tugged on.)

Sometimes I’m just weary of the crowd and the noise, so I’ve been trying to discover other Cape Town neighbourhoods. On less adventurous days, I just stick to Loop Street, which runs parallel to Long. Whenever I walk to Hiddingh Campus in the morning, I notice that the whole street smells like freshly ground coffee beans—and drool like Homer Simpson holding a donut.

I am convinced that cafes along Loop Street are infinitely better—cheaper, less hectic, and featuring more delicious snacks—than any Long Street counterparts.

Here are some shots from an afternoon in one off my favourite coffee shops on Loop, with a vaguely Greek vibe:

All the ingredients for a cozy day

When the weather is like this--rain and clouds and maybe a sunshower here and there--going to a cafe (or library) to read is the only time I leave the house!

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