Friday, June 24, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged

Old coffee can, now a bank for loose change in the kitchen.
You may notice some advertisements on the sidebar of this blog within the next few days.

I consider it an experiment, but I’m not going to lie—a little bit of income off these ads won’t hurt.

I love to write, but I’ve rarely been paid for it. (I think the Teen Scene and the Marquette Tribune are my only paying gigs to date.) But having ads on the side of this blog, which I started to keep my friends and family up-to-date on my time abroad, isn’t exactly the same as getting paid per word or per story. I have no control over the ads AdSense will display—they will likely not be relevant to the content of this blog at all. They might be obnoxious, offensive, and overall distracting from the writing I’m trying to do here.

My understanding is, I will accumulate a few cents every time one of those sidebar ads is clicked. (But please, please don’t go out of your way to click ads you don’t care about, over and over. Apparently that gets flagged as suspicious clicking and AdSense takes all its money back!)

I talked to PJ about monetizing the blog yesterday, and he said, “Selling out is doing what you love and making money off it, when you don’t need the money.”

So. Not a sell-out. Not me.

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