Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm about two weeks into winter break, and what do I have to show for it?

After four trips into the field this week and last week, I have completed all eight interviews for my research project. As of yesterday, I have transcribed them all!

I have been crafting a lot during downtime to stay sane. I knit a hat that came out floppy and too large, whoops. Also, necklaces.

Also pictured: Sweet vintage wallet from PJ, and tan larger-bead necklace from his mom.

Speaking of jewelry, I can't believe I never took a picture of the ring PJ gave me this year for Valentine's Day:
Vintage, from a thirft store, and just my style (read: purple).
As for the rest, I can say Cape Town winter weather keeps going back and forth between extremes. It can rain, hard, for days:

It can also be warm and sunny enough to feel like summer in Milwaukee. Go figure.

I think I can count on PJ's growing collection of doodads, usually stuff he picks up on the ground, to keep growing on the windowsill:
This is what happens when Peej empties out his pockets.

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