Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Jammie-in'

For the first few months I was at UCT, I only ever went to the main campus Rondebosch. In fact, because I was new to the school, I really only ever stepped inside the Social Sciences building and the Main Library.

I’ve slowly branched out. UCT has campuses in different towns throughout the Southern Suburbs, and a free bus system, called the Jammies, connecting them all. After one semester on campus, I have the system down. It took a while to get comfortable, though.

The first time I took the bus to Hidding Hall, the stop at the campus in Cape Town proper, I had flu and was delirious with fever. But PJ needed a copy of “Archive Fever” by Jacques Derrida and I was determined to bring it home for him.

I wasn’t sure if my brain was just addled from cough syrup, but I loved the Hidding Library. The campus in the city proper houses the art school, with more extensive collections of philosophy books, film and theatre screenplays, art magazines, and other goodies. I liked reading at the long wooden tables inside.

Now that I live in town I can walk to Hidding Hall, which is life-changing. Although I am sad I can’t keep up on the latest pop/dance songs by riding the taxis, it’s also a relief not to have to deal with public transit while studying for exams.

The other day I was studying with a friend in Hidding and I spotted The Art Instinct by Denis Dutton over her shoulder. I checked it out, to read during study breaks. (Yes I read philosophy books for fun and use them as incentives to study. Nerd alert.)

I had to read Dutton articles in my Aethetics class during my last year at Marquette, and I remembered seeing the author promote this book on the Colbert Report in 2008.

Also, a Judith Butler volume, because who doesn’t like to unwind with some feminist/queer theory? No one, I like to believe.

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