Friday, July 22, 2011

Chop and Change

To begin with, a sunrise that makes me want to sing, "Misty Mountain Hop":

Phase one of current project: train tickets from Metrorail and Golden Arrow bus tickets, stitched together on cardboard. I picked black thread so that it would look like train tracks:

This week I purchased the cheapest acrylic paint and paintbrush I could find at the student supply shop on the UCT arts campus. It was still a bit painful, and made the phrase "Starving Artist" make so much more sense. Not only is it rough if your work isn't selling--quality supplies ain't cheap!

Somehow this piece will become a map--an emotional or memory map of Cape Town for me. Phase two was completed last night:

I am planning to finish this project this weekend, and find a junkshop frame so I can hang it up.

PJ got creative with me, and made this rather awesome, highly textured piece:

All of our work drying on the counter:

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