Monday, July 11, 2011

Simon's Town, Part 1

I had a very nautical weekend, and I'm sorry to see it end! Saturday I spent a long time looking at the Atlantic Ocean in Seapoint. That night, PJ, some friends and I went to the V&A Waterfront to see the new X-Men movie. So Sci-Fi did happen for us.

Sunday it was hot outside, so it was the perfect day for a trip to Simon's Town.

I must say, I'm impressed with these pics from the train window:

Photo by Peter-Jon Grove

Ahh, Simon's Town. This view is iconic for me:

This is the chapel inside the Naval Museum. I love the stained glass...

But the mural of White Jesus dictating that all the Empire protect Queen Victoria is always a little but uncomfortable:

The mural also featured Vasco Da Gama and Jan Van Riebeeck "discovering" South Africa. Yikes.

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