Thursday, July 21, 2011

Since my final final...

I have my first class of the second semester on Tuesday night, and I feel torn between being as lazy as possible (this is a VACATION from school) and as productive as possible (when will I have this much time on my hands again?!) in the last days of winter break. It makes me reflect on the past two months.

Since my final final of first sem, I have:
  • Finished interviews, and transcriptions and coding of interviews, for the research report.
  • Rewritten my Literature Review for the research project, essentially from scratch. This is no small matter!
  • Reapplied to study next year, and submitted one bursary application for 2012.
  • Begun a mixed-media art project I've had on my mind for about five months. I may accidentally stitch my fingers together in the process, but I'm excited...
  • Knit, beaded, and made a new batch of re-used paper notebooks. I still need to get them bound, however.
  • Finally seen the Tretchikoff exhibit at the SA National Gallery, without knowing its contested status. Next goal: the Zapiro exhibit at the SA Jewish Museum.
Also managed to read a bit for fun. Currently I'm enjoying Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, which I picked up at the Obz Library book sale for R 3 (we'll call that 40 cents American). I will say, it's an odd time to read this work, as I am preparing to get back into the student grind and the message of the novel is to be self-taught and self-directed. The prose is beautiful, though:

...No one can learn a thing! I believe firmly that in reality the thing we call "learning" does not exist. O my friend, all there is is a knowledge, which is everywhere, which is Ä€tman, which is in me and you and every being. And so I am beginning to believe that knowledge has no worse enemy than the desire to know, than learning. 

(spoken by Siddhartha)


  1. I love Siddhartha. I try to read it when I feel very stressed out. Good choice.

  2. It IS nice read--I always thought it was a super-long epic, and I also thought it was a poetic bio of Buddha. Wrong on both counts! The More You Know.