Monday, August 8, 2011

Alba is Chilled

I stretched my weekend out just a little bit longer after I posted last night. Alba at the Waterfront was one of my favorite places to hang out the first time I studied in Cape Town, and I went back for the first time in four and a half years last night to hear some music.

It is strange to think that I was first in South Africa five years ago, but that fact really stands out when I'm faced with a once-beloved place closing. Last night I learned that The Green Dolphin, a jazz club at the Waterfront, has closed. I used to love to see music there! I loved discovering jazz from all over the world in Cape Town, and I'm sad to see the place go.

But at least Alba is still in business, and it's just as cozy as I remember it.

The night ended with Brothers Behaving Badly with statues of South Africa's Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

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