Friday, August 5, 2011

Breakfast and Thrifty Finds

Another Loop Street cafe I adore is called A Colour Red--though at first glance, most people read that as "A Coloured." And I've heard of these people, these very rude people, who insist on always calling it "A Coloured." And this one friend of mine, uh, she likes to say, "I'm at A Coloured with a Coloured" when she eats there with her boyfriend. HOW INSENSITIVE.

Personally, I love the vintage movie poster decor. And breakfast foods. All breakfast foods.

Also, I had an uncanny experience this week--I looked down and realized that everything I was wearing was purchased from this trip to South Africa. Tuesday will be my six month anniversary of landing here, and it's funny how all the things I brought from home slowly wear away, stop working, fall apart, or otherwise need to be replaced.

The longer I'm here, the more brand loyalties I form--the "best"-tasting instant coffee, the nicest label for a loaf of bread, my favorite shampoo brand. This seems like minutiae, but little things add up. Every day I use, touch, respond to and interact with objects that are unfamiliar. I had to learn the basics all over again--what's a good price for a haircut? Where's the post office? How much should I pay for milk?

For me, clothes are a much more fun and interesting marker of time in Cape Town. Here are some outfits I've thrifted since Feb:

Thrift shop in Obz + last week's church rummage sale brought me this one. Hmm, these pants wrap/tie around a bit--I promise they are not raver pants!

Big ups to that same Obz shop and Second Time Around on Long for this one.

Newest addition--that shirt is from Topshop, but I paid about $6 USD for it yesterday, as a fellow UCT student had a sale on campus. Jeans from Help the Rural Child in Mowbray.

A few months back, PJ said something that struck me--I've probably been in Cape Town long enough to drink enough water to make three quarters of my body South African. Add that to the air in my lungs being 100% Table-Mountain-and-Atlantic-Ocean-air, and the food I eat coming from African soil, and the clothes I wear... Well, it gives me something to think about.


  1. heheh I'm glad you're all adjusted and South African! :))) That makes me feel happy. But also miss you. <3 be well, lola dearest.

  2. Miss you darling! Once a Jersey Girl, always a Jersey Girl... with some Midwestern BG thrown in there too <3