Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Women's Day!

Yesterday South Africa had a public holiday for International Women's Day. When I was here in 2006 for this holiday, I told my dad about the way Women's Day is honored here and he said, "You're never coming back, are you?"

I wish I'd celebrated in a more official capacity. Peej and I used the day off to have a long, late breakfast in St. George's Square:

It's nice to see a display of patriotism on a public holiday...

Baran's is a Kurdish restaurant, as you can see from my cup of dark, creamy, grounds-still-included coffee:

I just love the colors, look and feel of the place...

Spent the afternoon at an introductory meeting for the new job--I'm supposed to keep the project under wraps for a bit, but I'll say that I'm doing marketing for an exciting new website and publication. Yes, I worked on Women's Day... whoops.

Reunited with Peej and some friends after the meeting at 58 on Lower Main in Obz. The best part of the day was the weather--the sun was warm and perfect, and it was a joy to sit outside.

The day ended with a spectacular sunset.

The holiday is over now, and it's a Wednesday--BOO. But I am volunteering to participate in a research project on dating violence through UCT's Psych Department today, so I will do my part for Women's Day, through social science research.

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