Friday, August 12, 2011

I Can't Get No...

The semester is in full swing, and I am happy to report that I handed in my epic research project a full two days ahead of deadline.

This should make me very happy, right? I mean, it does. Of course it does. But I find I've gotten a bit more intense than usual about making daily To Do lists, and sometimes the things I want to accomplish in one 24-hour period are a little unrealistic. And no matter how many items I get to check off, I wake up in the morning worrying about the things still undone.

Here are some things I am proud of:
  • The aformentioned research report, done and done.
  • After about a month of looking like a stray cat, I got a haircut yesterday. Feels good!
  • Got a new pruse from the charity shop in Mowbray--the zipper on my old one broke a month or two ago, and it's no fun to carry a school bag around every time I go out.
  • Starting the new job. I think I'll be able to post a more detailed explanation in a month--but yes, the job has begun. Woo!

Here are some things that perplex me:
  • I have finally begun the process of switching my return ticket to be home for the holidays. But apparently, an STA office in South Africa is unable to switch a flight booked through STA in the States. I want to know: What is the point of an international company, then?
  • I have been to every antique store on Long Street and some of my favorite thrift or second-hand shops, and I cannot, for the life of me, find a coffee bean grinder. What gives? All the antique shops have very funky coffee serving pitchers, but nothing to mash up the beans or make a brew. I am asking: How did people in olden times get coffee from the beans? Am I missing something here? (I will chew them just to make sure.)

Somehow, I don't have any homework this weekend? It's kind of unbelievable, and I think I am going to lay in bed and read novels for fun until Monday morning. I need to be better about letting my mind wind down at the end of a day, and find satisfaction in the things I have completed--not anxiety about the things still yet to do.

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