Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I took these pictures in my garden yesterday, not knowing that the color pink would be very important in the day ahead...

I spent a long day on campus Friday, even though I didn't have class. Looked at what I have for Draft #1 of this epic research project, and I'm pretty content so far. I have definitely given this project my all, and I will be so relieved when I turn it in this week!

That night PJ and I went to Cinema Nouveau to see The Bang Bang Club, for fun, and also, for class. (Peej was assigned a viewing for a photography class, and I saw it for Development Planning.)

It was an intense film, but definitely worth seeing.

It was hard for me to relax and believe that a weekend had begun, though did enjoy sitting in a cafe and beginning The Songlines before the movie started.

Saturday I ended up at a Pink Princess Party for a 4-year-old, and this is how: My dad has a work colleague who has a cousin in Cape Town. Small world, eh? So I finally met up with this family, on the day of quite a family celebration.

Five years (!) ago, I spent my last day in South Africa at the beach in Blouberg, and I remember the view of Cape Town being extraordinary. I spent the day on that side, and the view remains spectacular:

And then it was time for PINK! PRINCESSES!

This little princess was the birthday girl:

I had a great time meeting new people... and playing an amazing game of Duck-Duck-Goose with the youngins. Woke up to  a gorgeous, crisp spring morning:

And the view of the mountain was just as amazing on the ride home:

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