Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Long, and Thanks for all the Risotto

My couch surfing adventure has come to an end, and tonight I'll be sleeping in my own bed for the first time since Sunday.

I crashed in three different locales throughout the Southern Suburbs--Rondebosch, Observatory and Kloof Street, Cape Town. Every night (slumber party!!) was just a little bit different, but my favorite part was always the long conversation--while cooking dinner, or watching movies, or sitting on a balcony in front of a jaw-dropping view of the mountain. I crashed in an almost-commune, a comfy cave where I completely lost track of the time, and an apartment furnished by a quirky German landlord. I'm so thankful for a baked-from-scratch cake, Pick'N'Pay cupcakes, and that bottle of wine.

Yesterday my class visited The Big Issue in Woodstock, a truly amazing organization that combines journalism with social justice. I was inspired to be in that office, and in the neighborhood--we walked for about an hour to get there. Stopped in a quaint cafe near the Old Biscuit Mill for some espressoooooo.

No complaints about this week, but I am terribly excited to be in my own bed tonight.

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