Monday, August 29, 2011

Women in the World

The weekend flew by—probably because it was so full. Ran into a friend unexpectedly on Friday night and ended up at an event by the Cape Cultural Collective called Women in the World. It was a night of easy jazz, spoken word poetry, and bellydancing (!).

Saturday was the family party for PJ’s sister’s 21st birthday. such. good. food. was had, and it was a day/night to give you the warm/fuzzies.

Sunday I tried to catch up on school work, but kept falling into naps.

Today I worked from home—finished a paper due Wednesday, began a group project. To celebrate a productive day, PJ and I went to Timbuktu on Long Street—a first for both of us. It’s a very small restaurant on top of an African crafts mart, and has maybe my favourite balcony on Long. Cozy couches, funky antiques, and stacks of quaint old This England magazines made it the perfect place for a sundowner.

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