Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cape of Storms

Spring weather has been erratic lately--the same day can fluctuate between clear skies and heavy rain several times.

Yesterday was impossibly beautiful--the sun was hot, the breeze was warm, and even after the sun set, the heat stayed in the air.

I worked almost a full day on campus, but sometime around 4 I couldn't stand to be in a computer lab any more. Peej and I walked through the Company's Gardens, and sat in Roxy while the sun set, listening to jazz and reading.

And today? Raining hard, dark and freezing. I heard a saying about this weather that seems apt: "Cape Town weather is like a baby--if it's not wet, it's windy."

Oh well. There are some fringe benefits to this back-and-forth weather:

In rainbows.

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