Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In a Cape Town state of mind...

I've noticed a few new phrases creeping into my vocabulary, and they're of a very Cape Town flavour. There is a different pace and life philosophy to this city, and here are some turns of phrase and concepts I've picked up since February:

"They must just be strong." When you're running late (in Cape Town, everyone is always running late) and you're worried about keeping others waiting, you can use this to soothe yourself. They must just be strong and keeping waiting--you'll get there when you can.

"Make a plan." This expresses that there may be an issue that needs to be addressed, and it will be dealt with... just not right now. But if you know you will make a plan (make a plan to make a plan, as it were), you can relax a bit. It will get taken care of. My favourite use is a comforting one, along the lines of: "I'm not going to worry about this now. We'll make a plan."

"That's their business." I take a lot of solace in this one. I'm usually pretty worried about offending people, or having something I've said interpreted in the wrong way. This phrase expresses that I have tried to do my best in explaining myself, but if someone wants to hear something I didn't mean... that's their business, not mine.

So what about you--are there any phrases that capture the spirit of where you live??

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