Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lest You Think I'm All Work and No Play...

I do try to enjoy Cape Town as often as I can drag myself out of the library stacks. It's actually kind of fun to see what will squeeze into a student's schedule (and a student's shoestring budget).

I've talked about Timbuktu before, but I finally returned with a camera. It really is the coziest balcony I've ever been to... with some funky twists:

Peej and I just stopped in for tea one morning. Do I have to say that I enjoyed the old teapots?

A spiced black tea, almost like chai... but more earthy. I think it had basil in it?

These statues scare me EVERY TIME when I look up from the street. They're less intimidating up-close.

Another nice spot on Long Street is Clay Oven, which is great for pizza, and surprisingly, nachos. And just a good old toasted pita.

Brick oven for firing up pizza. Nom nom.

A rainy night on Long Street will make you crave hot food.

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