Monday, September 5, 2011

Seapoint Sunset, Bread and Cheese

Another weekend has come and gone. Technically this week is spring break, which is weird--everyone at home is celebrating Labor Day Weekend!

As a postgrad student, I've resigned myself to the fact that I don't get to enjoy these breaks. This week I am planning to do some more work on a group project and spend all of Tuesday doing site visits for class. If I'm lucky, this week I can start two more individual papers. Woohoo!

I am happy I got to enjoy Seapoint yesterday evening. Peej and I got dinner at an Indian Restaurant called  Kebab Mahal, and it was a treat.

Delicious Indian beer went well with our spicy food.

All I want in life is naan and paneer--break and cheese. Don't even need these utensils...

Dinner ended while the sun set, so we walked along the Seapoint Pavilion.

Pretty proud of these pictures, not going to lie:

I just love the different streams of light hitting this house:

And PJ still wants to practice portraits, so I helped him out:

Photo by Peter-Jon Grove

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