Sunday, September 25, 2011

TGIF! And Thank God For Free Book Talks and Photo Exhibits!

My experience at the reading for Feryal Ali Gauhar's No Space for Further Burials was intense, and it seemed irreverent somehow to post about the rest of the day and night in the same place.

So here are some shots I got of Cape Town's City Hall, where the book reading was:

Such a funky old building. I used to love to come here by myself when I first studied here five years ago, and while away a Saturday at the CT Central Library, which used to be housed in this same building. (I actually don't know where the Central collection is these days--can anyone tell me??)

After the reading, PJ and I wandered around City Hall, where even more free arts and cultural events were going on! An installation was being built across one of the second floor staircases, and folks were getting ready to get wrapped inside a web of white ropes. (PJ convinced me it would have been disrespectful to snap photos without asking. I was sorely tempted, but he was right. Don't steal from artists, especially ones who give free performances at City Hall.)

We also stopped to look at a photographic exhibit by Lindeka Qampi, and loved her style. Her space was interactive; she had her camera set up with a vivid red background, and encouraged visitors to pose any way they liked. She printed the shots right there, and one stayed with her for an upcoming exhibition, while we could take one away for only R 20 (less than 3 USD). Needless to say, we got our photo taken together--more on this later...

From there, we sat in Marvel on Long Street for just a little while to unwind. I loved their record collection!

Look how happy I am! That glass was filled with WATER. I was just so relieved for Friday to have finally arrived!

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