Sunday, October 2, 2011

The 20 Rand Dream

Sometime Thursday I was invited to a costume party that Friday night, with an interesting theme.We were to dress up as someone or something that started with the first letter of our first names.

At first I had trouble thinking of anything, but suddenly I was making a list of possibilities! Lily Allen could be fun, and Peej was convinced I should go as Lolita.

Friday I had a meeting on campus, and afterwards I went back to town with a mission: find a costume brought to you by the letter L.

Luckily, it was church rummage sale time again in the Gardens. No big red sunglasses were to be found, so Lolita was out. I thought I could make Lily Allen work with a little black dress and some eyeliner. Then I found a sparkly green only-goes-to-the-bellybutton tanktop and a very '90s cardigan, and it was set: I was going as Lisa Kudrow, or Phoebe from Friends. So many Middle School fantasies fulfilled...

The best part? I got three pieces of the costume for only 20 Rands, which is less than $3 USD,

Thrifting worked up my appetite, and I tried to go to Marrakesh for a quick bite, but it was closed. Luckily, there was another nice spot in the same mall, within that same price-range. And so I discovered Chef's Apron:

It was cute and cozy, and my sandwich and coffee came to R 25. Such a deal!

There was one drawback to my cheapsie clothes--the tanktop had a tear. Stopped into the  Bead Merchants of Africa on Long for the least expensive needle and thread I could find. So for R 17, I could stitch myself up before the party.

Met up with PJ on campus, and he took me to a grassy spot I'd never visited before. Can't believe I've been missing this view all along!

Hemmed while PJ read in the sun. Perfect easy afternoon.

Once the sun set behind the mountain, PJ and I headed to Obz for the dress-up party, which I will save for another post...

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