Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Afrikaans Lesson

Goeie middag!

First of all, I need to tell you about Cape Town's Community Talent Exchange. It's a place for people to share skills, goods or services based in a currency of "talent," which is logged with an online system. It's sort of like a dharma exchange, if you ask me.

I had great experiences with a time bank model like this, specifically Dane County's in Wisconsin. (There are some differences--with the talent exchange, actual money can be exchanged as well as talents--this is not so with the time bank. Also, in the time bank, the currency is "hours," and all hours are equal. In the talent exchange, one talent is one rand. But the general sense is for people to swap what they have and know for a social credit instead of a monetary one. And I love that.)

Last night I had my first talent exchange--I went for an Afrikaans lesson at a cafe in my neighbourhood. It was great! We began with the alphabet. Apparently I was off to a good start, but the "g" and "h" sound a little too similar for me, and I cannot roll my "r"s (one of the billion reasons I never became fluent in Spanish).

But I am hopeful! I just need to practice pronunciation, and get used to unfamiliar vowel combinations.

Ek het gesien een boom. (I have seen a tree.)

Oh yes, well on my way to fluency already...

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