Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I got a fever, and the only answer is... more homework!

Something unnatural has come over me this week. I… can’t… work!

I’ve been giving in to every temptation to read novels or nap. I was held prisoner by The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh for three days—it was all I could think about or enjoy doing. On Monday I got to campus in the morning to get some serious paper-writing done before my night class, but all I was able to do was fall into grassy, sunny spots to crack open that book. At one point I told PJ, “Right now all the characters are in love, so I can’t concentrate on anything.” Reason I Love PJ Number 3825328757: That was an acceptable reason for him, and he let me be.

And when I dream, the dreams are vivid—even during daytime snoozes.

Somehow I slept through being massacred by mosquitoes last night, and when I woke up, my white sheets were covered with little splatters of blood. The nice thing about this spring weather is that the sun is strong enough to dry wash on the line in an hour or two. So that’s one productive task complete…

Do I have malaria? Can I call this malaria? (Just kidding! I know it’s not common at all in the Western Cape. Please, Universe, don’t punish me by sending me a rare case of malaria!)

All I can say is, I have Spring Fever. It can’t even be called senoiritis—I’m planning another year of school next year!

There may be a more scientific (?) explanation. Last week was hectic, I didn’t really have a spring break, I kept myself productive throughout semester break. There IS a fun side of me, and it’s rebelling.

Or maybe I’ve adopted just a tiny bit more of a Cape Town mindset. The sun is so warm, the mountain is gorgeous, and that paper can just wait until tomorrow…

It also doesn’t help that Coldplay is playing at Greenpoint Stadium, which I can see and hear from my desk, and they’ve been doing loud soundchecks for hours. I don’t even have a ticket, and this show is keeping me from work!

I’m going to try to ride this out. My to-do lists have become a lot less hectic; I’m trying to get one or two bigger tasks done each day. (And I’m not even counting laundry or blogging for today, I promise.)

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