Monday, October 10, 2011

A (Re-)Purposeful Weekend

I somehow overcame the sweltering weekend weather and got my crafty on. Although I did spend a few hours reading in the morning's only shady spot in the yard:

Everywhere else on the property, the sun was baking.

In other news, my gravity-defying neighbour found it too hot to practice--and I don't blame her.

But this exciting new device has been added to the repertoire:

Oh, and did you know that tea-bags don't have to be thrown away after every use? The sun here dries them out nicely, and I tend to re-use them about three times. (I got that tip from a European classmate, whose grandmother survived WWII-era shortages and taught her the habit. Poor students are very receptive to info like this...)

Here is the top I got for a costume party last weekend:

I don't think I'll wear it again. It's not a flattering cut, and the colour and detail are a bit much for me these days. But do you know what I see? Art supplies!

Made three small patchwork-style notecards, with the paper scraps I once picked up on Kloof.

I'm hoping to channel this creative wave into the completion of a paper that's kind of a big deal. Here goes...

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