Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Second Time I Saw Kings of Leon...

Tuesday night I could hear Kings of Leon do sound checks and trial-run fireworks at Greenpoint Stadium. When Coldplay played there, I could recognize every song for their entire set. It was an odd feeling to be so close and yet so far away…

But I had a final exam on Wednesday, so there were more important things to focus on!

Wednesday morning I got an early start—I was on Hiddingh campus at 10 and my exam wasn’t until 12:30. That morning I had finally switched school bags, because the one I’d been using was falling apart. Seriously, only a few shreds remained, and the zipper was not among them. Anyway, PJ has lent me a very cool leather satchel, and I was enjoying walking around with it…

Until I was about to board the Jammie to Upper Campus, and realized my ID was in the old, frayed bag!

I had enjoyed my half-hour walk to Cape Town from Greenpoint, but now I had to hurry. Caught a cab home, ran in to get my student card, then had the same driver drop me off at Hiddingh. I was just where I left off, only 40 minutes later.

Wrote exams for three hours straight—hand cramps galore.

After the exam, I found out a friend had an extra ticket to Kings of Leon… I was in!

The first time I saw Kings of Leon, my junior year at Marquette had just ended, but I was still in Milwaukee for the start of the summer. I went with one of my best friends and her sisters to the Rave/Eagle’s Club, and we danced like mad!

The second time I saw Kings of Leon, it was another great night. You know, I see Greenpoint Stadium every day, but had never been inside before! It was built for the World Cup, and I cannot believe Cape Town has anything so big. We kept imagining what it would be like to see the stadium packed for a soccer game… it’s unreal, because I see Cape Town as slow-paced and relaxed. The energy in that stadium was strange and new.

Got there in time for the last opening act, a South African band, and they had a cameo by Jack Parow. WHOOPS now I’ve seen him live.

Ah well. Kings of Leon sounded great! It was apparently their first time in Cape Town—legendary.  And it was great to be able to see the fireworks during the encore from inside the stadium.

Tonight I have my third Afrikaans lesson, rescheduled from last night. I can now count to 20!!

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