Monday, October 24, 2011

There's more to life than final exams....

Or so I hear. I spent Saturday and Sunday making study guides and reviewing readings and papers from this last semester. My first exam is this Thursday whoops, just checked, it's Wednesday--wish me luck!

I've been going through backlogged pictures, and they help me remember what life will be like when a semester is really, truly over:

Last week, a languid Sunday at Buena Vista Social Cafe, which I can walk to from home in Greenpoint:

A coffee and cake date with PJ in Langham House on Long Street. I love that it pays tribute to coffee houses in Amsterdam:

OK, so I did go out this weekend, to celebrate a friend's birthday at 5 Flies. Even the most studious among us needs a break:

Photo by Myrna Lemmen

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