Friday, November 4, 2011

Epic Walk--Part 2

Where was I? Ah, enjoying Seapoint.

It actually pained me to pass a couple of cafes—but I was on a mission! I will return…

The winding walk into Camps Bay was amazing:

So were the sun, the sand, and the sea!

For this adventure I wore the Traveling Shirt—it belonged to the father of a friend from college, and sometime sophomore year a group of us decided to share it during study abroad adventures. I believe it has been to Italy, Ireland, South Africa… China or Pakistan (my dates are fuzzy)… and beyond!

I had this shirt with me the first time I studied in Cape Town, but I had never been to Camps Bay before my second visit to Cape Town. Now I have been, and so has Shakespeare.

Ended the afternoon with some delicious food at Buena Vista Social Cafe in Greenpoint.

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