Thursday, November 3, 2011

Epic Walk: Upper Greenpoint to Camps Bay--Part 1

My Vodafone modem at home is pathetic--I've been trying tp upload pictures for HOURS, but the second half just won't load. So here's the first half of today's adventure...

I don't really have a "Bucket List" for Cape Town. For one thing, I'm not kicking the bucket/dying, and for another, I'm planning to be back in 2012.

All the same, there are some things I want to do in this delicious time between finals and my flight home. Walking to Second Beach in Camps Bay today has been a goal of mine for most of the year.

GoogleMaps tells me the distance is about 7.6 km, or 4.7 miles. Just a nice stretch of the legs! It took two hours—but it was a leisurely stroll, with frequent trips into thrift stores and this delightful bookshop:

This week my Afrikaans tutor recommended I pop into this place for cheapsie textbooks—but I had never even heard of it! I maybe didn’t do a great job of exploring this neighbourhood this year. Hopefully I can make up for lost time before 22 November…

I had never gone far enough into Seapoint to see some of these sights:

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