Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home Sweet Jerz

I made it back in one piece! The 16-hour flight from Johannesburg to JFK was as easy as such a trip can be, and my first full day home was Thanksgiving.
My head is still spinning from the fact that I left South Africa at the beginning of summer, and now I'm home for the end of fall--which, I have to admit, has been downright balmy.

Here's a shot from Arnold's cafe on Kloof Street, Cape Town, where I had a farewell coffee with a few classmates before I left:

And here's a shot from a 5K walk I did this morning in Red Bank, NJ:

A friend from CT told me the other day, "I miss you like Snookie misses J-Woww," which made me laugh out loud. But look at that picture above. It's great to be in Jerz in November.

I've been spoiled so far--diner pancakes, greasy slices of NJ pizza, a night out in Montclair. It feels so good to be home.

I'm going to take a break from blogging this trip--not the least because I'm not exactly on the Cape, as this blog proclaims.

My goals until February are to spend quality time with family and friends, get a wage job and save up dollars for Cape Town 2012, start research for my Masters thesis, and eat as much Mexican and Italian food as I can, to fortify myself for another year without them.

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