Thursday, November 17, 2011

Totsiens for now!

More goodbyes this week. I've been giving lots of hugs to classmates, and met with my academic supervisor yesterday to plan for next year.

Today I got to my last Afrikaans lesson by Jammie Surfing, or riding the UCT student shuttle for, well, less-than-academic purposes. (It's not "free," you know--I do pay tuition! And I used the Jammie to help me learn a new language, after all.)

Anywho, I took the Hiddingh campus bus from town to the main campus in Rondebosch, and from there rode the Claremont Jammie, which put me in the neighbourhood I needed to be in. Five-rand taxi one way, 5-rand back to Claremont. Such a deal!

My lesson, a review of the last six weeks, was held in a lush garden on a hot, sunny day. In a week I'll be in the Northern Hemisphere's late fall and stay until the dead of winter. I need all the Vitamin D I can get!

From there I spent some time sipping coffee and reading at a cafe in Cavendish Square. PJ has lent me some some his favourite YA books from when he was a teenager, and it's been bolstering my self esteem (STILL huffing through The Seed is Mine) to put away a book a day. Yesterday it was An Eye for Colour by Norman Silver, and today it's Sue Townsend's True Confessions of Adrian Mole. (Remind me to force Peej to read all the Georgia Nicolson books someday. I was mad for them in high school.)

Popped into a second hand boutique I've seen in Claremont before, but had never ventured into. Aaaaand it's close to a used book store. Lurve.

Appropriately, the Afrikaans text book I checked out the UCT library was due back today. Just returned it--luckily I've been taking notes throughout my lessons and adventures with Afrikaans.

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