Friday, September 7, 2012

Community Connections

Tomorrow is a long-awaited car wash and family carnival fund-raiser for my office, which marks the end of summer for me as well. I'm nervous and excited, as I always am for special events.

I've been working different connections I have to pull things together. Take this, for example:

The nonprofit I work for places an emphasis on healthy lifestyles, so we're selling healthy snacks at tomorrow's event. I am in charge of fruit kebabs, and will probably lend a hand with fruit smoothies, too.

I placed an order for this crate of mangos through the food co-op I volunteer at outside of work. Because I put in so much time at the co-op, I get a 25% discount on all purchases. I shopped on behalf of my job today, so it's affordable for us to stock up on fresh, organic, delicious treats at our events. (It also keeps prices lower for what I imagine will be dozens of families buying our concessions when they visit our event tomorrow!)

Smoothies! Hooray!

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