Sunday, September 16, 2012

Noodles, Doodles, and a Big Bad Wolf

First of all, I did work yesterday morning and afternoon. Yes, it was a Saturday.

I tabled at a community event, doing outreach for our program and a little bit of concessions sales to raise funds for our office. (Every little bit helps in a non-profit.)

When business was slow, a four-year-old girl in a very frilly pink dress wandered over to me. We spent a lot of time talking about race cars and Spiderman, as well as Barbie and princesses. We drew our own interpretation of the three little pigs:

It was a cute day. (Four years old is unfortunately too young for the program I work for--but I will still branding us as a great resource for families... right?!)

THEN I went to the most impossibly fun party.

Today was a perfect Sunday. Went on a walk through the trails at the Hutcheson Memorial Forest.

I had never been here before, and I can't believe it--the woods were lush and gorgeous.

Apparently this land is considered a primeval forest. I love the sound of that. It means that it is uncut woodlands--as far as we can tell, the woods have been untouched by humans since the Dutch colonized this area of North America. This is what New Jersey is supposed to look like!
Had a long chat with some of my favorite ladies--a friend from high school, and a friend since, well, when I was a toddler.

It's funny to remember the way we used to talk forever about high school drama, and boys, and... anxiety about the SAT? It's kind of hard to remember. Now we walk too far talking about work, and hobbies, and delicious, delicious food.

Actually, growing up is pretty awesome.

We worked up an appetite, so we stopped at Noodle Gourmet on Easton Ave. in New Brunswick.
I can fully endorse the Thai Ice Milk Tea with tapioca.

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