Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home Spa

My first day back in the grind after the long weekend was one of my longer days, where I go from eight hours at my job at a nonprofit straight to three hours of volunteering with the co-op.

I love what I do. But I still get tired.

So I treated myself to the health and beauty aisle. I got a fresh block of olive oil soap, as well as some bulk green clay (in the brown paper bag). I mix the clay with Witch Hazel (which I bought for sun burn and bug bites ths summer) and a little water to make a face mask.

Yesterday I started Room by Emma Donaghue and made it to page 206 before I had to go to bed. The strange story has been haunting me all day. So tonight, I must finish... while I pamper myself.

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  1. Did you finish it?! I read that last year and could NOT put it down!!! Muy interesante. I need to pick your brain for new book recommendations!