Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'll make the most of it, I'm an Extraordinary Machine.

Two weeks ago, facebook deleted every photo album I’d ever uploaded to the site. I’ve been using the site to share and organize pictures since it launched, which was during my freshman year of college. Hundreds of my pictures have gone missing. (ZUCKERBERG!!!)

Luckily, I have everything backed up—usually unedited, but it’s better than nothing. But you’re mad if you think I’m trusting that site again. It was the kick in the pants I needed to get back on Blogger.

I haven’t been editing this site. I’ve been busy. But also,

I didn’t go back to Cape Town.

I finished my Honours degree with good marks, but the cost and the bureaucracy waiting for me back at school were ultimately not worth it. (I have absolutely nothing nice to say about the University of Cape Town. So I won’t say any more.)

I’ve been home for nine months. I’ve watched all of winter pass, seen a spring blossom, soaked up the sun for a summer. It’s been a good time in my life.

I’m not on the Cape, I’m on the Jersey Shore. I’m no longer hoping to become fluent in Afrikaans (though I love the tutors I met in Cape Town, who I keep in touch with—largely in English). But I’m getting serious about Spanish again. My goal is still to do social development work--but serving the New Brunswick area, at a community-level, has been rewarding. It's something I could get used to.

These days I put my energy into work I care about, my family, my friends and my creative endeavors, instead of a stunted man-child who can’t take care of himself. (Whoops. Nothing nice to say, so nothing at all!)

Since I landed in late 2011, I formed a writers group. I interned at a great nonprofit, before being able to work at a different one. I learned how to sprout seeds in a re-used plastic water bottle, and how to run a summer enrichment program on a shoestring budget. I am a science—specifically, gardening and robotics—educator.

I also volunteer six hours a week at a vegetarian, organic grocery cooperative. With fellow volunteers, I dance to George Clinton at the register till there’s a stitch in my side. Together we complete mundane tasks, like an inventory list written long-hand, while head-banging to Nirvana. I learn more about vitamins and supplements, and eat vegan treats. (Maybe too many vegan treats.)

I take four-hour walks, and detours into farmers markets, and one hour each week to paint my nails a new and outrageous color. I bake a mean coffee cake and I’m getting really close to mastering this sewing pattern for a cute, bunchy skirt.

I have lots to write about, and photograph. Here are some from today’s adventure in Red Bank:

It was HOT today, but this was refreshing...

Pilgrimage made to see this exhibit, which was on the outside of various buildings.

Well, OK, there was a little bit of thrifting...


Really excited to see what the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art is up to next...

Will try to post new pictures, as well as ones from the past nine months, regularly.



  1. Im so glad you wrote this. And you're blogging so much! I already knew most of this (being smarmy here :)) because I was SO LUCKY to see you this summer!!! <3 <3 <3 I wanna visit jerz/dc this winter. Will you have me? Maybe in early November?

    Im so happy that you're happy. :)

  2. I adore you. Must see you soon. There's really nothing left to say! <3