Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Day of Summer 2012

It just occurred to me that tomorrow is the first day of Fall. Today I spotted this house, which is definitely ready for Halloween:
I do not know the people who live here. But I know that they are awesome.
I saw a garage sale going on today, and scooped up a dream catcher, a funky pair of earrings, and two books for $3!

Here's hoping for better dreams!

What else can I tell you? I've had some mind-blowing food this week.

Wednesday I went to Maoz Vegetarian in New Brunswick for the first time. I can't believe I'd never been there before--it was a dream come true. Veggie pita pockets with a toppings bar (BLACK OLIVES FOREVER) and so, so much yogurt sauce.

That night I whipped up this enchilada recipe for my siblings and friends. Well, I substitute the cauliflower for mushrooms. Oh, and I substitute the salsa for QUESO DIP. And also, I call them Epp-chiladas.

Last night I met up with friends for half-price sushi at U-Yee in Iselin. The sweet potato roll was very popular with this group. Oh, and SPICY TUNA FOR LIFE. Man does it feel good to get two rolls and an appetizer for $8.

It is the weekend now, and... I'm looking forard to more down time, I think. Books. Need more time for reading books.

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