Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Bollywood Shimmy

Had some productive meetings at work yesterday, but it still meant I was sitting in an office chair for several hours. I feel lucky that "work" for me can mean tending a garden plot, building robots out of Legos, or any number of activities that take place in the community. But sometimes the background administrative tasks are most important. So I come home with a sore neck and back.

After work I had two ladyfriends over and I introduced them to the Bollywood Dance Workout. It borrows from Bollywood-style dance, hip-hop, yoga, bellydance and more. It felt so good to move! And laugh. And stretch.

There's talk of meeting up once a week for this dance workout. I think I'll need that as the weather changes--I already hate how much earlier the sunset is. If I can't take epic walks for fun, I am going to need something to keep me moving...

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  1. OH man.. I remember watching this and participating.. sort of.. with you!! haha miss you boo boooo