Sunday, September 30, 2012

Veggie Heaven. Art Heaven.

I can't believe my weekend is over! It went by in a blur--a fun blur.
I spent last night in the lovely city of Montclair, which is a very pretty, very green area. Dinner was at Veggie Heaven, where absolutely every entree was meat-free. They do wonders with tofu and seitan. Check out these "ribs":

The last time I visited this place I got tofu cooked and flavored like salmon in an orange sauce. Last night I tried this "chicken" dish with walnuts, apple slices and green beans. Fresh and delicious!

The night was cozy--my friends are still unpacking a new apartment, so we mostly say on the floor together, drinking wine and watching episodes of The Twilight Zone via Hulu. Oooh, and there were many varieties of cookies. Including PUMPKIN. And sparkling apple cider!

Talk about quaint, there's nothing like coffee on a Sunday morning:

Drove back to Central NJ and made it to Arts in the Park in Highland Park.

When we saw an exibit of owl statues, we knew we were in the right place:

I am loving nature-inspired arts and crafts so much right now! Mostly leaves. Give me all of the leaves.

But I still have a soft spot for DIY or vintage. This suitcase filled with buttons made me so happy!

Crazy sculpture, too. Never enough crazy sculpture in this world:

And we caught a bellydancing act. Some day I will dance like Shakira...


  1. I am so jealous!! I wish I knew this was going on, I would have gone! Looks like a fun time!

    1. Aww man, we made the decision to go at the last minute. If I hear about more arts fests I'll let ya know!!