Saturday, October 13, 2012

I can't fit the feelings in

This week a friend told me she'd purchased a ticket to see Fiona Apple at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, but had a scheduling conflict and couldn't make it.

I gladly took it off her hands! I decided to leave work a bit early and make the evening a date with myself. It was a promising match.

It was a crisp fall day, so I was loving that. I explored Bloomfield Ave. top to bottom--it's like a hybrid of Cape Town, South Africa and Madison, WI. (Places near and dear to my heart.)

Got my ticket with no problem from Will Call, and sniffed out the Montclair Book Center. These are a few of my favorite things: used books, rare books, discounted new books.

I was in the market for a small notebook to keep in my purse for any ideas that come to me throughout the day. I once heard someone call this a "jotter." My current jotter has lasted me about a year and a half, and got pretty beat up from being in my purse or bookbag all the time. The spine is cracked and the front cover is peeling off--so, time for a change.

I also couldn't resist an old copy of Rimbaud poetry. To be honest, I knew the name, but had never studied him. What a wild life! Poverty, a tortured childhood genius, a love affair that ended after he was held at gunpoint--and then retirement from writing at 19 years old. Phew!

Stopped into a tea shop to read--picked out the following funky mug:

InsaniTEA was very cozy, and very committed to displaying the works of local artists and musicians.

I also learned that a tarot card reader works at one the of the many tables here, so I asked for a reading.

I was actually happy to get the card for The Hermit.

I was told to find balance and take better care of myself--which the trip to Montclair was part of. I was also told to stop being hard on myself, and stop keeping myself from prosperity by seeing myself the way people who don't like me see me. The reader said, "You know that when people don't like you,  they're projecting their own bullsh*t most of the time. Look at yourself the way the people you love and trust see you--that's why they're in your life."
Got some more substantial food at H L S Grill & Juice Bar. Those were some amazing sweet potato fries--and the mixed berry lemonade! I can't get enough of fresh lemonade.

To the show!

I'd never been to the Wellmont before--it had some beautiful fixtures. But I heard a lot of people in the crowd make fun of it (lovingly) for being unfinished, or under construction, and having netting around the ceiling to catch lights if they fell.

This pic isn't great quality, but I was so close to Fiona! Her music means the world to me--when she played "Shadowboxer" followed by "Paper Bag," I'm not going to lie, I cried a lot. What a cathartic experience.

And thank goodness, because even though it's Saturday, I work today! HOORAY!

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