Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Weekend was a Food Tour, Part 1

All I did this weekend was eat delicious food, and I am not complaining!

Went back to Montclair this weekend, to join a big group for dinner at Veggie Heaven. Introduced some new folks to its mastery of tofu, tempeh and other vegetable proteins--it was a hit! My black bean tofu was rich and delicious.

From there we checked out Let's YO! Went a little crazy with the frozen yogurt flavors (pumpkin cappuccino! cake batter!) and toppings (FROSTED ANIMAL CRACKERS.)


Another cozy night at my friends' Montclair apartment. We watched the campiest horror flick imaginable, and laughed nonstop. And more pumpkin cookies! I am a lucky fish.

Yesterday four of us went to NYC to use a Groupon for a food tour of Manhattan.

Can I confess something? I'd never gone in on a Groupon before. But the experience was SO. WORTH IT.

We couldn't have asked for better weather for a walking tour in the city--it was an idyllic fall day. When I go into New York I usually take a train or bus. But the drive was painless!

Just driving through and walking around was fascinating--people were clearly enjoying being outdoors, and there were street fairs and art shows going on. This looked exciting:

Our tour was about iconic New York food, but there were history, art and architecture tidbits thrown in there--I truly do enjoy interesting buildings.

...Even when they're decked out for Halloween with creepy clown displays:

Look at this CASTLE.

Oh, we came ready to sample that food...

Stop #1: Il Cantuccio Bakery for biscotti (melt-in-your-mouth good) and focaccia (please put black olives on everything I eat.) 

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